Hey all!

I’m G, a professional writer who has branched out into blogging to write about one of the things I’m most passionate about: gaming!

It’s important to me that I have a platform where I can write freely while injecting informative pieces on games that have had an impact on me with an infectious sense of humor. Whether it’s a stress-relieving (or inducing) arena shooter, an RPG that has hundreds of hours invested in it, or a simple puzzle game, I’m interested. While I have quite clearly defined preferences when it comes to games genres and loved developers, I’m open to it all.

While gaming will be the main focus of this blog, I’ll touch on other topics of interest such as films, literature, music, anime, and food.

If you would like me to review a specific game, DLC, or feature, feel free to get in contact with me. I’d love new material to work with and new games to check out!

You can find me on Instagram @khajiithasbottlecaps
You can find me on Twitter @khajiithascapz
You can find me on PSN @misstangerineVII